“Excuse Me Miss, Do You Mind Putting On Some More Clothing?”

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Uncategorized


There’s just something about skin. The epidermis can be a beautiful concept when we think of diversity and the artistic array of various ethnicities that make up our neighborhoods and communities today.

Skin can produce sensation, sensuality and sexuality. It’s the ultimate source of attraction. But it also can serve as a detrimental distraction. The Bible admonishes us about giving in to personal lusts. James 1:15: “Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.”

Ladies, I get it. It’s your body, your clothing and the progressive culture we live in today will tell you that it’s your choice. But  please hear me out when I tell you emphatically, “YOU’RE HURTING ME!” The bikini’s, mini skirts, short dresses, cleavage-revealing blouses and tops are hurting not only my eyesight, but my purity.

Now a quick defense mechanism that can inserted here is that I would need to look away and not put myself in a predicament to where I could be enticed or tempted. But a one-dimensional assertion like this simply avoids the simple fact that I am human.

My nature within itself draws me to the attractiveness of bare skin. And yes, I am a minister of the Gospel. I’ve been redeemed by the blood of Christ. Surely I should know better.

However, we must know that God’s anointing doesn’t circumvent us from temptation. David killed Goliath, but his flesh got the best of him when he saw a beautiful woman sunbathing on the top of the roof. Joseph fled Potipher’s wife when she attempted to seduce him, but I’m pretty confident she wasn’t wearing a turtleneck and a dress all the way down to her ankles during her sexual pursuit.

Sure, there may be a few who may think I simply battle with perverted thoughts every time I see a woman or that I should do a better job protecting my eyes and heart. There may or may not be validity to these perceptions, but it doesn’t eradicate the struggle that I and many other men face when they see a woman with minimal clothing on.

Ladies, your skin should be reserved for your husband, and if you’re not married, your body should be shielded away. Our culture tells us that individuality should be embraced and that we should respect other people’s lifestyles. Life is hard enough already and the road to heaven isn’t a walk in the park. Please do not add unnecessary hurdles with unmerited access to your skin.

I’ll do more on my part by being more consecrated to the things of the kingdom of God and not investing in the fashions of this world. But I need help. The male species needs help. Many men are struggling in their marriages and the mere sight of too much skin could cause them to make a costly mistake. Many single men are trying to save their purity for marriage, but too much skin can endanger that.

Yes, we all have to be responsible and take accountability for our actions. But ladies, wearing clothing (or no clothing) that you purposely know will entice a man is spiritual and moral irresponsible. So I ask you kindly, but urgently. For the sake of my soul and others……please put more clothing on.

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