Obama Ad Compares Voting to Losing Your Virginity, Displays Left’s Lack of Respect For Women

Posted: October 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

During this long election cycle, we’ve seen some pretty ridiculous and appalling campaign rhetoric. We’ve seen the liberal SuperPAC insist Mitt Romney was responsible for the death of a woman with cancer. The Obama campaign gave the notion that Romney may have committed a felony. We are now seeing Obama campaign on smaller things–like saving Big Bird and giving the false narrative that Romney and the GOP are against women.

But nothing is as despicable, insulting and morally insensitive as the new ad, paid by Obama For America, that likens voting for Obama to losing your virginity.

The ad features actress Lena Dunham who is basically sending a message to younger voters that their bodies should be used as a sex symbol and that they are nothing more than a bedroom necessity.

This is a continuation of the left’s narrative of so-called women’s rights. This is nothing more than a rallying call for women to vote with their vaginas, and not with their brains. Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, the left wants to tell women to have sex with whoever they choose and that we should provide them contraceptives for their sexual activity.

In a cultural society that is already experiencing a moral decay, the last thing our current generation needs to see is a presidential campaign that adheres to advancing sexual promiscuity.

I can imagine the outrage and disappointment expressed by parents as they realize that their son or daughter may be exposed to this filth and garbage that is being displayed by the liberal left.

The Obama campaign has sunk to a new low. While the president is definitely running on empty, this latest ad completely shows that he lacks the qualifications of a leader. I ponder to think if this is something the President would deem as appropriate to show to his two young daughters.

The structure of the American family has been victimized by the decline of principles and values in our secular society. We need leaders who will be role models and teach our kids that they are divinely created by God and that they must make the case for him, not sex. We need people who would encourage us to lead by example.

The President has failed to do so. Vote wisely in November.

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