When It Comes To Culture, Morality Matters

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

As today’s culture is constantly changing with the interaction of advanced technology and an increased presence of individuals utilizing the tools of social media, there is a pressing question that tugs at the inner chambers of my soul: Is there a longing for God and morality that is correlated with the lifestyle of today’s culture?

Psalms 24:1 declares: “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.” This simply means that God is sovereign and reigns with majestic power. You cannot escape him. You cannot hide from him. He is simply everywhere. He inhabits all of space.

Today’s culture is taught to hide behind education, entertainment, fashion, sexuality, sports, hobbies and interests. There is such an individualistic approach to the affairs of life that we are in danger of being a Godless society.

Truth of the matter is that we cannot survive without God. He encompasses every diameter of the Solar System. He is the heartbeat of humanity. Unfortunately, our society has turned a deaf ear and blind eye to his voice. We have drowned out the voice of God to embrace failed promises by political bureaucrats. We have embraced sin, which is a moral decay, by simply calling it a “lifestyle.” In an attempt not to offend the emotions of others, we have silenced our belief in Godly principles in order to be tolerant of those who do not believe in Christianity.  If we attempt to rely solely on our own talents and abilities, we’ll lose the culture war.

We need a moral conscience. We need to realize our strength and knowledge comes from God above, not a government entity or from a Hollywood idol. In today’s culture, our children are highly enthused with reality TV shows, sports phenoms, American Idol contestants and the latest fashion trends. All of these are fine, but essentially they are only temporal fascinations. There needs to be more emphasis on morality, which can cause an effective and permanent influence. Our children need to know that God can bless them and provide their needs, not a government program. Our children need to understand that the family is main component of a healthy society, not a reality TV show that’s based on a mythical perception. We need fathers to be role models and present in their children’s life, not a poster of a Grammy-award winning artist. We need mother’s to equip their children with morals and principles, not raise them by sitting them in front of a television 24/7 unattended.

Morality is the cornerstone to cultural growth and stability. Without a moral compass, disarray and anarchy is set to be the de facto ruling class. The lack of morality affects every single aspect of living: socially, economically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally. If we live based off our emotions alone, we are living in deception. Our emotions are not always right. Our feelings are often based on inconsistency. However, if we invoke a moral standard, that which is based on the sovereignty and faithfulness of our Creator, we will humbly submit to a will that is higher than our fleshly motives, and we would begin to see a divine manifestation in our lives and in the lives of those around us. Ultimately, our culture will experience a spiritual revival that will lead to individual growth and prosperity.

We must ask ourselves: How are we modeling ourselves in this culturally changing generation? Do we tell the young man of today’s culture that his identity is found in how often he visits the gym or sleeps with a woman than how to love God and himself before pursuing the heart of the opposite sex? Do we try harder to make the young ladies of today be a makeup goddess than being a mentor or role model? Do we promote music and an art that degrades women, provide high usage of vulgarity, promotes pre-marital sex, drugs, and is decreasing morality among our generation? Do we advocate positivity in our households or do we highlight the faults and imperfections only, which is teaching this current generation that failure is the only option for them? Are we apathetic in our approach to morality? Will we accept the status quo? I’m inclined to believe that a voice of apathy will not only lead to a moral decline in our lives, but in the lives of those who look up to us.

In a world that is constantly adapting to changes, I’m convicted that one thing must stay the same: A faith is invested in Almighty God and a passion that is driven not by selfish ambitions, but by a moral compass.

Will you be a voice for morality? It’s not popular today, but it’s desperately needed. I’ve already made my choice.

  1. What a timely post Demetrius. At a time where merely carrying your Bible in public or praying at school could you you in trouble for bullying I believe that this is a message that sorely needs to be heard.

    Thanks for reminding us!

  2. JZ Bingham says:

    Thank you for posting this today, when the sobering tragedy of Newtown, CT is raw and still unraveling. I agree that the moral decay we find ourselves in, as a culture, is a result of the steady erosion of faith, family, and ethics, fueled by the prevalence and widespread acceptance/reverence of bloody and mind-numbing video games; trashy reality shows; shallow Hollywood stars; marginally ethical sports figures; and misogynistic, sexually charged popular music. The shift toward secularism leaves a morality chasm that is quickly filled by the evil that lies in wait, all around us, forever opportunistic with its stealthy stranglehold…

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