My Twitter Analysis of the Romney-Obama Debate

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized



Every pundit and journalist have already given their analysis of the Romney-Obama debate, so I won’t go into a lengthy piece about. Majority of viewers agreed Romney looked presidential while Obama appeared tired and disconnected from the debate.

I’ll simply share my snarky review of the debate through a compilation of tweets I issued during Wednesday night. Enjoy!

Before the debate:

MSNBC shilling for Obama. Nothing new. #DenverDebate

Al Sharpton talking about Obama’s strengths. This is funny.#DenverDebate

On CNN, Van Jones says Obama has an advantage on foreign policy. Oh dear Lord. #DenverDebate

Beautiful exchange of hugs b/w Ann Romney and Michelle Obama#DenverDebate

Mitt Romney should walk to the podium with a 32 oz. soda in his hand. #DenverDebate

The words “Gary Johnson” are forbidden tonight. And every night up until Nov 6 for that matter. #DenverDebate

The debate starts:

Of course Obama is going first. #DenverDebate

Obama says it’s not about where we been…I guess not. His record SUCKS. #DenverDebate

Mitt mentions my hometown of Dayton, OH. That city is hurting economically. #DenverDebate
Obama’s plan: Tuition low. Number of college graduates without jobs: HIGH. #DenverDebate
Mitt is SCHOOLING Obama right now. Obama is having an allergic reaction to facts right now. #DenverDebate
Romney ate his Wheaties. Obama is choking on the Weight Watchers cereal Michelle gave him. #DenverDebate
Somebody pinch me here. Is this Newt or Romney here? Obama is get SCHOOLED. #DenverDebate
HAHAHAHA. Obama just used the term “Math.” Excuse me while I go LOLOLOL for the remainder of this debate. #DenverDebate
Obama piggybacking off of Clinton. He has no record to run on.#DenverDebate
Wow. Obama with the childish dig at Donald Trump. #DenverDebate
Obama blaming Bush again. That’s a math game he’s always good at. #DenverDebate
Romney stating the national deficit is a moral issue. Paul Ryan is smiling really big right now. #DenverDebate 
How come Solyndra hasn’t been mentioned yet? #DenverDebate
Obama looks tired. Is there a chance he may be hungover from a fundraiser? #DenverDebate
Privatizing Social Security should’ve been done in the late 90’s.#DenverDebate
Not only is Obama getting killed in debate, but he has Michelle’s dietary anniversary yogurt to look forward to after this.#DenverDebate
Education is BEST successful when school choice is implemented.#DenverDebate
After the debate:
All I heard from Obama tonight was inheriting Bush’s problems & about Bill Clinton. Hey @stefcutter and @davidaxelrod, where is the FORWARD?
Barack Obama’s campaign needs an heavy injection of political steroids in order to survive til November. Can you be of help@JoseCanseco?
Romney may have referenced Big Bird tonight, but he was straight-up Shredder from TMNT tonight!
  1. Jerry Bailey says:

    I must agree with everything you have said here, Romney looked prepared and pumped, Zero-bama looked tired and babbled several times, someone really should tell Zero that the debate is different than the campaign, “the puppet was without his strings” last night……..

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