Bishop E.W. Jackson calls for Christians to partake in exodus of Democratic Party.

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Politics, Religion, Uncategorized

In this video, Bishop E.W. Jackson gives a solemn and passionate request for Christians to flee the Democratic party.

The bishop points to the far left views of the Democrats that has compelled them to promote hostility towards Christians and same-sex marriage.

The left is entrenched in an Hollywood-like, secular society that embraces everything that is anti-God and anti-morality. The Democratic Party has sought the influence of mainstream society that is pushing a progressive agenda that neglects God and the biblical principles this nation was founded on. A recent example of this was the party’s refusal to acknowledge Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the attempt to remove God from its party platform.

As a preacher and a minister of the Gospel, I join Bishop Jackson in calling on Christians to walk away from a party that puts God on the back burner and crucifies Christian principles in order to be politically correct.

The Democrats eagerness to embrace the expansion of government sends a message that government is bigger than God. I strongly reject this notion. We must continue to seek God’s wisdom and guidance concerning every decision we make.

  1. Krysten says:

    I am really trying to evolve on the issue of same-sex marriage. If I consider the moral case for marriage, and take homosexuality out of it, I would come to the conclusion that two people who love each other should sanctify their love with marriage. I’m simply undecided. It’s an idea that challenges my faith for sure.

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