The Most Transparent Administration Has A Severe Listening Problem

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Uncategorized


It’s been almost four years since the election victory speech in which Barack Obama proclaimed to a jubilant crowd in Chicago that his candidacy was not about him, but about the people. I wish he would’ve transported that same philosophy into his presidency.

With the gun-walking scandal, millions of Americans out of work and looming healthcare cost increases thanks to Obamacare… the president doesn’t seem to be very accountable to the people. It’s time that Americans were bold in standing up to the president and demand that he listen, as he promised he would.

We’ve seen this administration abolish its promise to have an open and transparent government with the clandestine cover-up of Fast and Furious. We’ve seen $5 trillion dollars added to the federal deficit which brings it to a total of 16 trillion as of today. We’ve witnessed unemployment hovering above 8 percent for 41 consecutive months, despite the fact that we were told by President Obama that his near $1 billion dollar stimulus travesty would bring the unemployment rate below 8 percent. At this point, Obama makes Bush look like an accountant.

Bottom line: It is time for government to listen to the people.

One of the biggest issues conservatives now face is to repeal Obamacare. The more President Obama makes the case for this so-called “achievement,” the more resistance he faces from the American people. Roughly 50 percent of Americans favor a repeal of the law, and 44 percent of people are opposed to the massive government interference; even 45 percent of doctors are considering taking an exodus from the heath care workforce due to its stipulations.

Does there need to be health-care reform? No doubt. But health-care reform needs to be made without endangering the private sector or trumping the rights of states. The White House and Congress need to listen to the voices of employers and small-business owners who are in danger of falling victim to the government’s demands. Employers could be faced with the devastating option of either decreasing benefits to the employees or increasing the cost.

With the government overhaul, the risk that taxpayers must incur is that the quality of health care will likely not be totally sufficient. If the government and Obama really want health care reform, they need to listen to the voices of the people. Recent polls numbers show that Americans are continually disappointed with Obama’s job performance because he simply won’t listen to the people.

There needs to be an army of activists, civic and community leaders, students and citizens of every kind who are not afraid to vocalize their concerns and demands and they need to do this in an amplified tone that will reach the gates of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the halls of the House and Senate. They need to be clear in their message that the days of the Big Government army are over and that they will no longer be complacent.

We need to be fierce, persistent, bold and determined in our quest for economic freedom and liberty. We’ll have to battle the mainstream media with their liberal propaganda; we’ll have to confront constant and false charges of “racism” every time we mount an opposition to Obama’s socialistic policies. We need to be fierce in the face of being painted as homophobic, intolerant and radicals who are trying to steer American into a far-right whirlwind of chaos and confusion.

Now is not the time to quit the race to restoring America. This is not for whiners, complainers and those who loathe in self-pity. This is an urgent call for the patriots who are not afraid to put themselves on the front line and defend the values that made America become the great nation that she is.

We’ve been tormented by the perils of big government long enough. Time to put our words into action. Time to step out of the comfort zone. There is too much at stake for us to be quiet. Government isn’t listening. It’s time me make them.

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