What It Means To Be A Black Conservative

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Politics, Race Relations

” You’re a black Conservative? Wow, you’re a rarity.” I’ve heard this and similar responses over the course of my life. This indicates that there is a cultural stereotype that exists in the mindset of many people. So what does it exactly mean to be a black conservative?

There are many dimensions to this questions. It is a matter of boldness and courage—not with white America , but black America. When blacks found out that I voted for George W. Bush and that I was not supporting Barack Obama in 2008 , I felt like I was one of the thieves one the cross next to Jesus during his crucifixion. I was criticized for betraying the black culture and appealing to whites. When I informed liberal blacks that I refuse to pledge my allegiance to the Democratic party because of historical precedent or because it’s politically convenient, I was instantly a target. I have been labeled an “Uncle Tom” and accused of “sucking up to white people.” I was momentarily distraught at the fact that I was being demeaned because my political thought and ideology was different from from what many black people expected it to be. But I quickly embraced the power enabled to me by being a black conservative: Freedom. Freedom from the notion that I have to vote a certain way or be aligned to a political party without knowing the reason why. Freedom to express myself, despite the backlash or lack of support I may receive from my own race. Freedom to embrace the fact that my knowledge and stance on conservative principles is due to the fact that I refuse to enslave and bondage myself to a party that, in my honest opinion, has done nothing to enhance my freedom or well-being. Freedom to also know that there are also many other like-minded African-Americans who have also entrenched themselves in the fight for conservative principles.

To anyone who wants to deny the fact that black conservatives are a target, they are simply not living in reality. Black conservatives are targeted because they defy the status quo and ignore the stereotypical imagery of blacks being one-dimensional and not having an open mind. For example, it is on a regular basis that I receive vile and racist hatred from the left on Twitter for my beliefs. It comes to a point where you have to chuckle at the thought of people maximizing their energy to demean someone and to see it come to no avail. With that said, I am not playing the “victimization” card. Despite the harsh treatment I have personally witnessed and experienced, I am proud of my conservative ideology and I absolutely have no regrets.

The reaction I have received from whites concerning my conservative stance have been quite interesting. There have been some who have ignorantly labeled me a Democrat because I am black. Ignorant assumptions always informs you of a person’s intelligence. However, I would say that more whites have embraced me being a conservative than blacks. Does it make me feel uncomfortable or isolated among black liberals/Democrats? Absolutely not. Friendship can always transcend political thought.

The most accurate way to describe being a black conservative is that you know you will face a battle: mainstream media, stereotypes, black liberals. That battle is overcome by freedom and choice. I made the choice to be a conservative. No one forced me. No one persuaded me. I did my very own soul-searching and I am satisfied with the conclusion. Also, I feel very PROUD to be a black conservative. I am not a victim. I am a warrior, and I am not alone in the world of black conservatives.

  1. My wife is also a black conservative. Its funny, because in her family are what I call 2-3 “closet” conservatives that will not discuss their political views with the family for many of the same reasons you’ve described (ostracism, sell-out, Uncle Tom, whatever). However, in our one-on-one discussions, they’ve let me know exactly where they stand and have stood for years, with GOP Presidents and ideals. They have chosen to judge man not based on the color of his skin, but on the content of his character.

    Excellent blog site here, and I’ll be following it for sure. Cheers!

  2. As you can see I am a horse wearing an American flag. Nevertheless I will stand right with ya. I agree excellent blog!

  3. working for me & mine says:

    Great blog its always harder to stand alone

  4. GA Jim says:

    May God bless you for having the courage to stand up for what you believe in. Our nation is better for it.

  5. Todd says:

    Bless you!

  6. cynthia55 says:

    How many times have you been pull over by the police. I know when they see you they just see bigger!

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