Voter ID: Yes, It’s Necessary

Posted: July 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

One of the biggest issues being raised in America right now is the need for Voter ID laws.

As of today, 30 states have enacted laws that require you to show identification when arriving to the polls. Voter ID laws are a no-brainer.

You are required to show identification to do just about anything in your day-today life.

Have you ever purchased alcohol? I’m sure you had to pull out that driver’s license within seconds of putting your adult beverage on the counter. Let’s say you are a college student.

For many events and functions that take place, you are mostly required to show a photo ID to prove you are who you say you are. Have you ever tried to enter upon the premises of a military base? One of the first things you would encounter is a MP (military police) stationed outside of a small hut checking IDs of those who wish to enter.

Showing identification is nothing new or complicated. It is something that is used consistently. However, there are some who hold a belief that voter id laws are not beneficial and deem it unnecessary.

MSNBC’s Al Sharpton, who is no stranger to controversy and who always finds himself to be the subject of contentious debate, argued that Voter ID laws would be a setback to blacks.

He infamously played the race card, which was on top of deck and ready to be used.

He told MSNBC host Martin Bashir, “One has to conclude it’s a deliberate attempt to try and suppress our votes in particularly minority communities that are disproportionately impacted, seniors and students.”.

Sharpton’s logic couldn’t be any further from truth and reality.

While Sharpton intends on play the role of victimization, it is imperative to point out that voter id laws are intended to prevent voter fraud and allow the process to operate smoothly and correctly.

It is people like Sharpton who attempt to create an image in people’s minds that white people in the GOP are always out to keep blacks oppressed.

While we will wait for sanity to take residence in Sharpton’s mind, it is good to point out that Voter ID laws to not disenfranchise anyone, but it gives everyone the right and ability to partake in their civic duty.

The notion that race is a factor is an anemic excuse to ignore the errors that occur at voting booths today.

Georgia, Virginia and Florida are just a few examples of the many cases of voter frauds situations that have happened across the country.

Registration fraud, non-citizen voting and voting official indictment have occurred in these states and more.

Voter ID protects the voter. The right to vote did not come easy for minorities or women.

Many battles were fought and lots of sacrifices were made. In order to preserve the heroic acts that were made, voter id law seems highly reasonable and necessary.

While many people on the left continue to fight against voter id laws, frivolous acts are happening in voting booths. For example, Mickey Mouse was registered to vote in the state of Florida.

While many may toss this issue aside and pretend that the voting process is a Disneyland experience, serious cases of fraud are being exposed and it is time for a constructive dialogue on how to end it.

Voting is such a patriotic act and it should be held in the upmost regards. It is not hard or much an expense to buy a Voter ID.

If we want to preserve the act of voting, we must be responsible and do our part on making it not only free, but fair.

  1. Frances says:

    So true, can’t imagine why ANYONE would think this is not right. Showing ID is a part of life.

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