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With the presidential election almost an eye blink away, it is imperative that the voter finds the process as fair and accessible as possible. Several states have decided to enact the requirement of possessing a photo ID to help prevent the occurrence of voter fraud.

Predictably, many on the Left are vocalizing their opposition to having a photo ID, claiming that the elderly and minorities would not have the resources needed to acquire one, putting them at a distinct disadvantage.

This debate was accelerated to a higher level when Emily Schultheis of Politico opined that young voters and minoritieswill be grossly affected in swing states with these laws in tact. She points to the fact that roughly 750,000 citizens in Pennsylvania do not have the forms necessary for photo ID acquisition.

There is an implied notion here that individuals, specifically minorities, are not smart enough to figure out how to acquire a photo ID. Liberals are notoriously known for claiming to be the champion of minority rights and equality, while invoking that the federal government must be the spokesperson for them because they are simply incapable of thinking on their own. What exactly is preventing young people and minorities from filling out forms needed to acquire a photo ID?

All Americans should reject this rhetoric. It is a common class warfare antic used by the Left to divulge attention from voter fraud and system inadequacies, and attempt to paint voter ID activists and advocates as racially motivated and bent on taking away votes from President Obama and Democrat candidates.

The Left’s claim that voter identification affects turnout is preposterous. It’s a weak attempt to suggest that voters will be held back from voting for Obama due to stringent requirements, and not the simple fact that they are dismayed and dissatisfied with the President’s policies and the direction the U.S. economy is headed.

Schultheis referenced Attorney General Holder’s “poll tax” comparison when he spoke about voter ID laws at theNAACP convention earlier in July. It is quite ironic that the Attorney General expressed this divisive view with the NAACP, seeing as how the organization was just in hot water over corruption charges. Lessadolla Sowers, a Tunica County, MS NAACP Executive Committee member, was just sentenced to prison on 10 counts of illegally using absentee ballots.

Of course the mainstream media doesn’t speak about this because it defeats the Left’s declaration that voter fraud doesn’t exist. They are counting on the fact that Americans will either be disillusioned, or turn a deaf ear to their cries of racism and injustice of those who are pleading for voting integrity. It is our duty and obligation to hold organizations like the NAACP accountable for trying to distort the voting process by trying to tip the election results in the Democrats favor.

But there are those who remain strong in leading the fight for voter integrity; Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True The Vote, a nonpartisan organization committed to combatting voter fraud nationwide, stated it best when she said, “Corruption, when not stopped at the polls, rises essentially unchecked to the highest offices in our nation. And it has to stop. If our elections aren’t truly fair, we aren’t truly free.”


Much has been said lately regarding the comments made by Dan Cathy, CEO of Chick-Fil-A, in regards to gay marriage. In a recent interview, Cathy expressed his personal support for traditional marriage, which is between a man and a woman, and was suddenly caught in a firestorm of opposition and over-sensitive individuals who cried foul play. Chick-Fil-A, who is known for being a Christian-based company who closes on Sundays so that employees and customer can attend the church of their choice, should not surprise many when they take a stand on the side of traditional marriage. Cathy invoked his thoughts regarding marriage with this: “We are very much supportive of the family—the biblical definition of the family unit. We are a family-owned business, a family-led business, and we are married to our first wives. We give God thanks for that…We know that it might not popular with everyone, but thank the Lord, we live in a country where we can share our values and operate on biblical principles.”

            Cathy and Chick-Fil-A was instantly made a target from far left liberals on this controversial issue. “How backward and ignorant … how sad,” CNN reader Joe Brown said. “No more Chick-fil-A for me. I am not in the stone-casting business as a Christian.” “There is no place for this type of hate in our great City of Brotherly and Sisterly Affection,” said James Kenney, City Councilman in Philadelphia. Thomas Menino, the Democrat mayor of Boston, expressed his discontent with Chick-Fil-A’s position. “I don’t want an individual who will continue to advocate against people’s rights. That’s who I am and that’s what Boston’s all about,” he said.

For what it’s worth, I am a big fan of Chick-Fil-A. Life just doesn’t quite feel complete without a good chicken sandwich, waffle fries dipped in barbeque sauce, and a large sweet tea that never fails to quench the thirst.

            Sadly, many liberals are missing a vital point here. Being against gay marriage does not insinuate that one is anti-gay. For the record, I am personally against same-sex marriage. It does not coincide with my belief that God made man for the woman and woman for the man. I view marriage as a holy and sacred union between God, man and woman.  This is my moral conviction and I will always abide by this belief. With that said, I am not against homosexuals. In consistence with my faith in God, I believe in showing love towards everybody without discrimination.

Sadly in today’s society, standing on principle is being translated into being intolerant. The liberal logic of the left is the belief that your religious convictions are outdated, irrelevant and are an expression of cynicism and hatred. It is the secular and mainstream perception in this socio-cultural paradigm shift in society that is recommending Christians turn a blind eye and deaf ear to their God-forgiven principles in order to accommodate what is deemed socially acceptable.

            I strongly salute Chick-Fil-A and many other faith-driven individuals are stand for traditional marriage and also withhold discrimination from those who believe differently from them. The last time I checked, I don’t recall Chick-Fil-A expressing their desire for gays not to eat at their locations or to seek employment with them. The assault on their religious belief is beyond asinine and absurd.

            The moment we become tolerant for the sake of being culturally relevant and forsake our moral principles, we lose not only our influence, but our God-given identity. I refuse to be a token of tolerance if it insists on me betraying my principles for temporary satisfaction or popularity.

            Ironically, many of the folks that preach tolerance neglect to practice that very principle. The following is an excerpt from a statement that was posted on my Facebook from a liberal named Khayree Billingslea who decided to share with me his perception of me:

“You are a sickening presence in my newsfeed. When I reflect on the strange permutations of mankind that manifest themselves in the world and have the audacity to speak, I am confronted with thoughts of you as the most glaring example of that.”

What is my response to Khayree’s insulting and provocative remark? I think I’ll respond with a quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “ I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to care.”

            Tolerance is the ability to love and to remain grounded in one’s conviction and belief. This has been and will continue to be my stance.

To some individuals, church is a sacred sanctuary. A place where people come to receive a spiritual transformation or an inspirational word of advice to relieve them of the stress and anguish they encounter in their lives. It is a place of emotional, spiritual, physical and mental healing, a venue of communication between God and humanity. But for many, church is dreadful. It is a place where well-kept secrets come to light, confusion is company, and judgment is a constant visitor. Instead of being a beacon of hope, it is being visualized as a utopia for egos, self-righteous saints, and loveless individuals.

After much thought and observation, I concur with this perception. Without a shadow of doubt, I have had pleasant and life-changing experiences via the Church. I have felt the warm embrace of people who displayed love and humility. It is indeed the place where I forsook my secular nature and decided to follow in the steps of Christ. It is where I found comfort in the fact that a loving God forgave me of past sin and called me to minister to those who are hurting and felt abandoned in an alone, dark and cold world.

It is love, grace and mercy that attracted me and many others to find a niche in the Church, and it is the lack of these components that has and will continue to drive people away. For all of us who are in the church, we have experienced deliverance and freedom from past sin. While the magnitude of our sin may vary, the bottom line is: Sin is sin. No sin is greater than another, and God is not a respecter of persons. With this said, many of us forget who we used to be and where we came from. We forget to extend the same grace to others that was given to us from Almighty God. We crucify others before showing them love. We give them a death sentence before they even stand trial. We offer condemnation instead of forgiveness, judgment instead of love, confusion instead of a peace of mind.

Many blame and fault the church for its hypocrisy. No matter how long we have been saved, we will stay fall and falter. The simple fact that we are human (with sin and imperfections) and serve a God (sinless without any imperfections) automatically subjects us to humanity, which, of course, consists of many flaws and failures, regardless of how strong our spiritual status may or may not be. I staunchly believe that the secular society is not turned away by the imperfections of those involved in the church, but the lack of love and grace shown to those whose imperfections and faults are revealed.


Sadly, the church has been transformed into a “Gossip Headquarters.” We forget the fact that Jesus himself surrounded himself with people full of flaws and mistakes. He despised the self-righteous people and those who had a “holier-than-thou” mindset. He looked at the inward while most men focused on the outward appearance. Jesus looked at the heart of a man. Jesus loved. We MUST love. Love is not just words. It is action. Love transcends faults, failures and imperfections. Love is more than just hymns and a 30 minute sermon. Love is more than just a fellowship dinner or a church convention. Love sees beyond the hurt and pain. Love is what embraces you once rejection and heartbreak have made residence in your life. The church must embrace love instead of embracing the gavel of a judge. The church must bring people to love instead of bringing them to an emotional jail cell. It is love that changes people, not our church standards. It is love that causes people to believe in something greater than one’s self. Love conquers our enemies, not church ministerial meetings. It is love that will bring people to God, and it is the lack of it that will turn people away. Love is on the verge of becoming extinct in the modern-day churches. The only thing can stop it from becoming extinct is….the willingness to love.



The historic election of Barack Obama was indeed an electrifying moment for the United States. The election of the first African-American President was a monumental step in racial equality and harmony. It was truly a sign that America is the land of opportunity and that regardless of race, people can succeed.
 Obama has not been the only African-American Democrat to capture the attention of blacks. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Charlie Rangel and others have become a beacon in the Democratic Party. The GOP has also seen an increase of influence in the black community with the election of US Congressman Allen West, Congressman Tim Scott from SC, education and pro-life advocate Star Parker, just to name a few. I want to discuss how the GOP can continue to move forward and establish a good relationship with the black community.

1.) The GOP must attempt to outreach to the black community. If the GOP will put forth the effort, African-Americans will listen. Blacks are not one-side minded people. They are very diverse in thinking and living. Many blacks are frustrated with the GOP because they feel ignored. One of the ways the GOP can regroup and revitalize is to have “kitchen-table” talks with blacks, hear their ideas, and provide economic solutions that will go beyond rhetoric

2.) The GOP must realize that many blacks are socially conservative-minded. Family values are a huge concern and the central part of the African-American family. The culture of life is indeed sacred and valuable to the black community. With regards to the detrimental outcome of slavery and segregation policies regarding the lives of blacks, the African-American community deeply knows how precious life is. There must be a focus on the importance of highlighting the importance of how vital the father figure is in a child’s life and how the two-parent structure benefits blacks socially and economically.  Therefore, the culture of life reigns as an integral factor in many African-American lives.

3.) The GOP must have a sound economic message. Blacks for many years have been victims of economic disparity. They know how it is to work hard for minimum wages to provide food and shelter for their families. While The Obama Administration continues to expand government by massive spending and promote entitlement programs, the GOP must counteract with a message that is helpful—entitlement programs do not create jobs or accumulate wealth Capitalism is a sure way of making sure the poor and middle class and be elevated into a higher income bracket. Many African-Americans believe that they can achieve their goals and pursue their dreams without the government interfering. For so long, governments have made promises that have turned up being empty. The GOP must proclaim it’s message of fiscal conservatism to the black community, so that their children and grandchildren do not have to spend their lives paying off the government’s debt, but can pursue the American dream joyfully

4.) The GOP should not attempt to do outreach in an election year cycle only. African-Americans and minorities in general, find it highly offensive when politicians try to reach out to them months before an election. Showing up right before an election appears phony and simply “staged.” The GOP should not be afraid to go in the ghettos and the inner cities to outreach. The time for simply allowing the Democratic party to take advantage of the black vote is over. The GOP needs to take a visit to black America and let its presence be known. They need to make their presence known on black radio, black television, magazines, etc. They should not be dominated by fear or anxiety, but be confident, optimistic and sincere. Like I previously said, African-Americans are not one-side minded people. They like to hear the issue being portrayed from different sources. Just because many voted for Obama does not mean they will not hold him accountable come November. African-Americans are looking for results instead of rhetoric. The GOP should provide solutions and answers, not condemnation or meaningless criticism, because it will not prevail.

Last, but certainly not least, the African-American community needs to give the GOP a chance. It is a good thing to see an African-American President AND opposing views from African-Americans in the conservative movement. This is good for the black community. It is healthy and constructive to have a dialogue with varying differences and beliefs that can help brighten the approach to public policy. It gives the black community two perspectives to look at. It gives them another voice to adhere to. It enables them to see that economic solutions can be given through another source. The African-American community should not be resistant to the GOP, but should convey with the GOP their concerns and ideas. To the GOP: get involved with the African-American community. I cannot reiterate this enough.  Don’t expect things to change overnight, but put forth the effort to build a relationship. To African-Americans: if and when the GOP comes into your neighborhood, hear them out.


The issue of having a photo ID present in order to vote has been the center of a plethora of contentious debates across the nation. The idea of having a photo ID on your person in the polling place is to prevent voter fraud. The common sense approach is to make the voting process as smooth and convenient as possible for Americans who wish to partake in their civic duty.

While a photo ID is required to do a variety of things in day-to-day activities, there has been some objection to embracing this initiative during voting procedures.

The liberal think tank Brennan Center For Justice conducted a study that reports that lack of access to transportationcauses an inconvenience for many people, and that millions of voters will be unable to access an ID because of this transportation issue. Here is one of their analysis: Nearly 500,000 eligible voters do not have access to a vehicle and live more than 10 miles from the nearest state ID-issuing office open more than two days a week. Many of them live in rural areas with dwindling public transportation options.

While no one would deny the logistics of finding travel arrangements may be slightly cumbersome, there is a notion on the Left that minorities are simply incapable of arranging transportation on their own without the interference of government. What about white people who live more than 10 miles from a state-issuing office? Are they unable to find transportation as well? We have also heard claims that these laws disenfranchise minorities’ right to vote. This, along with issues of transportation, make it appear that minorities are simply too indolent to comprehend the need for a photo ID.

Are minorities simply incapable of understanding the importance of having a photo ID and therefore neglect to seize the opportunity to get one due to transportation difficulties? There is a perceived thought that minorities simply cannot arrange travel accommodations to take care of business matters. Not only is this a bias and narrow-minded thinking, but it is simple prejudice and arrogance directed at the states who are targeting voter fraud (Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin). It is thinking that alienates certain ethnic groups in the name of “protection.”

Amy Ridenour of the National Center for Public Policy Research viewed this assertion as a distraction from the core issue. She described it as finding “excuses to oppose voter integrity provisions.” She also went on to explain that if an individual does not have a photo id at the time of voting, that they would be able to cast a provisional ballot at that time.

Catherine Engelbrecht, founder of True The Vote, a nonpartisan movement aimed to inform citizens nationwide of voter fraud, stressed the importance of not being sidetracked by the absurdity displayed by the Left. “All we are doing is encouraging people to take a pro-active role in upholding the integrity of our elections,” she said. “It’s true that certain partisan groups are choosing to politicize our efforts, but this never was, nor will it ever be, about party. This is about principle. We’re not going to be distracted by baseless accusations that are intended only to incite anger and sow discord.”

To find out more about the sincerity of voter fraud, how you can contact your state regarding access to photo ID and how to register to vote, visit


“If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that. Somebody else made that happen…”–The leader of the free world, the Preisdent of the United States–Barack Obama

Alrighty then, well that settles it. We do not take credit for any success that comes our way. We give all credit and glory to Obama.

I am quite relieved to find out on such short notice that the very reason why I went to school and received my high school diploma and then went to college to further my education was not to obtain higher learning or acquire a sterling career, but to hear my President tell me that somebody else made that happen! I can’t describe how joyful and uplifted I feel inside. I tell you, that Obama guy, he’s sure clarifies things for me so that I can be more assertive about my future. I’m very appreciative of that!

Well now that Obama has clarified who gets credit for what, I decided to reevaluate a few things.

It’s come to my attention that Barack Obama has met the needs of many. It’s about time he gets the attention he deserves!

–Obama, by himself, provided an economic boost with a stimulus package that was worth over $800 billion and brought the unemployment below 8%. So what if the unemployment rate currently says 8.2%. What people don’t know is that is due to Dubya’s policies and Obama is working oh so hard to fix that. Don’t read too much into it!

–Obama, by himself, captured Osama bin Laden. Did he use the techniques from the Bush Administration? Nah, he simply made them more transparent and simplified them more easily. Oh what about the Navy Seals Team 6 you may ask… Well, Obama metamorphosed himself into a special forces superhero team and single-handledly took out the world”s most notorious terrorist. But, it’s not in his nature to spike the football and go on a nationwide tour. His commitment to combating terrorism is keeping him at bay as he takes a staunch stand against the Muslim Brotherhood and Arab Spring!

–Obama, by himself, as bridged the racial divide. You see, he’s black, and therefore, doesn’t need to address the NAACp. He can easily send Vice President Joe Biden to address them. Biden long roots with Delaware and his ability to point out clean and articulate black individuals gives him a long-standing relationship with the NAACP. So what about Obama’s invoking race when Professor Gates from Harvard got arrested? Ah, have a beer…you’ll come to your sense after that!

–Obama, by himself, cut the deficit in half in his first term. Yes, yes I know people keep bringing up the $15 trillion thingy, but that’s all you are gonna hear if you listen to Fox News. Independent economists and budget analysts have both confirmed on non-partisan outlets such as MSNBC and CNN, that Obama has spent less money than any President and that the deficit has been cut in half an dill be cut further if Obama is granted a second term.

–Obama, by himself, added 4.2 million new jobs. The reason why some people may not be able to see it because they are looking at the private sector. Look, it’s doing fine. Government jobs insure that the private sector will be able to hire. What small business owners need to realize is that the bigger the government, the bigger they can grow and expand their business! Are you now seeing the beauty and realization of Obama’s logic?

–Obama, by himself, gave the middle class the biggest tax cut in ObamaCare. Oh stop the nonsense with the tax issue. Look, tax cuts and tax hikes are not mutually exclusive! He was honest and transparent when he told us it was not a tax. if your premiums go up, it’s just to make sure the deficit is continuing to be reduced!

I really hope I was successful in pointing out how Obama has met the needs of the American people. I almost get a small tingling in the leg just by writing this because I know that America’s best days are still ahead of her. Just trust Obama, and maybe one day, you can be a community organizer, create many jobs and be the leader of the free world! With Barack, anything is possible!


The debate surrounding laws requiring a photo ID to vote has been quite contentious lately, with Texas as the most recent state to be thrust into the conversation.  Representative Trey Martinez Fischer, who currently serves as the Chairman of the Mexican-American Legislative Caucus within the Texas House of Representatives, traveled to the nation’s Capitol recently to argue against the Voter ID law.

His reasoning was based upon an absurd observation: he claimed that the lack of transportation posed as a serious problem for many individuals. “In West Texas, some people would have a 200-mile round-trip drive to the nearest state office to get a card,” he exclaimed.

This sentiment was echoed by Attorney General Eric Holder last week at the NAACP Convention in Houston. “Under the Texas law, many of those without IDs would have to travel great distances to get them — and some would struggle to pay for the documents they might need to obtain them,” he said.

Once again, we are hearing an irrational argument against Voter ID laws under the false pretense of protecting minorities. The underlying notion is that the poor and minorities are either ignorant of how to access public transportation, or that they are too indolent to acquire an ID. If there were a problem with transportation issues, it should be addressed by the local and state governments of Texas. It is not a matter of where the Department of Justice should intervene or draw any kind of conclusion.As someone who has utilized the ability to use public transportation in lieu of a personal vehicle, I have never seen or heard complaints of people not being able to locate the Department of Motor Vehicles or any other place that would produce a valid identification card.

It is true that many poor and minority individuals access public transportation- it aides them in their day-to-day activities such as grocery shopping, doctor appointments, and educational trips, among other typical activities. To imply that this would be a hindrance in getting a photo ID is simply arrogant and asinine. Are white people the only ones smart enough to travel through the right avenues in purchasing an ID? Do the poor and minorities automatically have to have a spokesperson to interpret what they think and how they feel? Why is it so easy to invoke the race card in an issue that is not complicated and perplexing but a measure that will benefit anyone who wants to vote? Why is voter fraud being tolerated? These are just some basic questions that will pierce right through the liberal Left’s ideology concerning this important matter.

Catherine Englebrecht, a Houston native, founded the non-partisan group True The Vote after the 2008 elections. In Harris County, TX, there were more than 23,000 invalid voter registration forms turned in by ACORN workers.

The group found the four overwhelming GOP districts had an estimated 1,973 to 3,300 instances with six or more people registered to one street address and the three large Democratic districts themselves had outstanding varying numbers between them in the number of cases with six or more registered voters at one address. The first consisted of 7,560, the second had 8,981, and the third had 19,596 instances with six or more voters registered at one address.

Voter fraud is a reality, not some kind of fantasy election scheme created to cause a racial or partisan division. We need more people like Catherine and True the Vote to combat these atrocities, or the freedom to vote will become a nightmare for all.