An Unrecognizable America

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Politics


Imagine this scenario: You walk into your kitchen on a hot, muggy summer day for a midday snack. You fix yourself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a common and traditional All-American treat.  You open the refrigerator and pour yourself a nice, cold glass of milk. As you sit down at the table, you are in great anticipation to partake in this delicious snack. As you put the glass of milk to your quivering lips, you suddenly portray a look of disgust and dissatisfaction. The milk is spoiled. It’s been in the refrigerator without use for far too long. You groan in disbelief as you become victim to the sour taste of milk gone bad.

We were once taught that America was the place of opportunity and achievement. We believed in the concept that you can be anything that you desire to be and that America was a beacon of hope for those who dreamed of success. But for those who are looking up to America as a symbolism of hope and prosperity will quickly find that America is simply unrecognizable, and like sour milk, leaves a bitter taste in many people’s mouths.

The U.S. borrowing tops 100% of GDP. The last time US debt topped the size of its annual economy was in 1947 just after World War II. Currently, The Total Debt Of The US Government Is $14.3 Trillion Dollars. (Department Of The Treasury, “The Debt To The Penny And Who Holds It,”, Accessed 7/21/11).

67 Percent Of Americans Think The Country Is On The Wrong Track. (NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey, 1000 A, MoE 3.1%, 7/14-17/11)

Only 29 Percent Of Americans Think The Economy Is Getting Better. (Dennis Jacobe, “No Improvement In U.S. Economic Confidence In July,” Gallup, 7/12/11)

81 Percent Of Americans Say The Current Economic Condition Is Poor. (CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, 1015 A, MoE 3%, 6/3-7/11)

57 Percent Of Americans Say An Economic Recovery Has Not Begun. (ABC News/The Washington Post, 1002 A, MoE 3.5%, 6/2-5/11)

48 Percent Of Americans Think Another Great Depression Is Likely In The Next 12 Months. (CNN/Opinion Research Corporation Poll, 1015 A, MoE 3%, 6/3-7/11).

The simple and painful truth is that this place of economic freedom and prosperity called America is on the verge of extinction. America is becoming unrecognizable.

Russian Prime Minister Vladimer Putin once said, “America is a parasite on the global economy.” This is unfortunately an accurate statement. As our elected leaders in Washington D.C. debate the debt ceiling, national deficit, to raise or not to raise taxes, our country’s economy is anemic, unsustainable and unproductive.

College graduates are painfully becoming accustomed to finding little or nothing on the job market. It is a discouraging feeling to know you have worked and studied hard to excel in the academia to find no job and to become the recipient of an amounting U.S. debt figure.

I strongly urge for our government to take responsibility and to promote business and entrepreneurship and to not punish those who want to dream and excel financially but advocating useless spending, unnecessary tax increases and government take-over of the private sector. If we are the land of the free and home of the brave, we must take prepare a sustainable future for the generation ahead and encourage them to be fiscally responsible. My love for America has not evaporated and my dedication to this country has not wavered. However, if we do not uphold economic sanity, we will face the danger of a unrecoverable recession that will leave America unrecognizable.

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